cisNexus straddles both sides of the spectrum between technology partners or service providers and customers. We help both parties benefit from our knowledge of their attributes.

For outplacement services, cisNexus qualifies technology service providers by evaluating their work culture, strengths, and constraints. cisNexus understands their capabilities and aspirations.

cisNexus also has an intimate understanding of customers' requirements. Based on this, we deliver well-crafted optimal solutions that provide them with key TTM advantages and a strong differentiation.

Partners benefit from a frictionless transaction that enhances productivity, plays to their strength, improves margins overall, and builds their reputation and credibility with customers.

Given our record of trust and credibility built over years of experience, prospective partners can be assured of business continuity, stability, governance, and dependability among other key pre-requisites of commercial partnerships.

If you are interested in partnering with cisNexus, please contact us or write to